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PostSubject: IS - ST ICEQUAKE BG   Tue Jan 06, 2009 12:27 pm

2x Earth Golems
2x Phys Resist 3 Earthmovers
2x Jakei Eldars
1x Glacial Titan
1x Crystal Pheonix
1x Rock Gaurdian
2x High Masons

1x Desperate Heal
2x Millennial Icequake
2x Soul Frost
1x Unobstructed View

1x Granite Bracers
2x Mirrored Shield

This is a heavy anti-Physical construct based BG
The crystalized elders are protected from the quake. This is just 1-0 in AGs against a SL BG and is still be leveled in campaigns and doing well in elements. While the High mason can heal your constructs they are more important in healing your shrine.

The titians and eldars are the nora generators at they always occupy snow or ice And alow you to cats Ice quake when you want it.

It has problems if your elders an titan are taken out but it very fun when gets moving. And can be daunting if you do not have a means of over coming it.
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