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 WAR! SpadeDRD

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Pox user : SpadeDRD
Registration date : 2009-01-05

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PostSubject: WAR! SpadeDRD   WAR! SpadeDRD EmptyMon Jan 05, 2009 11:29 am

This is SpadeDRD.

My first Guild was SZS. I started pox as a hardcore FF ST player. But after a year I began trying trying other factions and eventually left as getting a game was tough with the ST hate going on at the time. I joined HAPPY POXING because I enjoyed the idea of a guild that promotes just have fun and experimenting with BGs. However, I didn't know the guild was dying. 99% of the time I was the only one online.

This guild has the same ideals that attracted me to HAPPY POXING but has an active community as well. I was booted from this guild about 3 days after I joined. Not sure why, I only had a chance to play once since I joined and It was a campaign game. It may have been that I forgot to turn on guild chat and ignored someone talking to me. Oh well, good to be accepted again and looking to have some fun.

I just moved in to my first house. So it will take me about a week to get my cable internet hooked up to play. Looking forward to seeing you guys in-game.

I play all factions.
My two favorite are ST and FW.

ST: Many different BGS, Most-practiced, skilled, and powerful BGS. Also some just for fun like all yeti or lonx.
FW: No Lich Kings or Bone Elementals. Also a lot of fun or competitive bgs here like "Ahhhhhh Zombies!"
IS: 2 BGS All Barbarians or all Dwarfs.
FS: 1 frogless Salaman BG
KF: Just for fun Campaign BGS

Alt Account:
UD: A Just for fun, non DOW, non demon or demon elf bg.
SP: Ghern Moga bgs
SL: Draksar only and Sand BGS
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