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 IS/FS battlemaster BG (with a tint of armory +waterreliance)

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PostSubject: IS/FS battlemaster BG (with a tint of armory +waterreliance)   Mon Dec 01, 2008 9:00 am

Ok, I'm trying to attempt a new concept =]....here it be Razz

2x Boghopper Elite (Firmly set)
1x Boghopper Shaman (Probably)
2x Firk Botanist (Probably)
2x Firk Sensorate (Probably)

1x Corrode (Unless disarm)
1x Feeding Frenzy (Hopefully)
1x Leap to battle (Would like to)
1x Monsoon (Firmly set, needed vs stuff such as HS)
1x Soak the Earth (Depends on scimitar of the deep)

1x Poison Trap (Would like to)

1x Dreadeye Symbiote (Depends on scimitar of the deep, reason to run armory)
2x Scimitar of the Deep (Would be cool =])

2x Barbarian Commander (Firmly set)
1x Deep Miner (Would be nice)
1x Earthmover
1x Faultbreaker

1x Desperate heal (Would be nice)
1x Glorious Charge
1x Hammer Strike (Maybeh)
1x Impervious (Depends on Faultbreaker)
1x Strip Armor (Maybeh)

1x Armory (Depends on scimitar)

As you can see....there's too many runes, which I need to downsize to 20 Razz, also accepting and allowing spinoffs to happen of course <3

Anyway....Yeah, so I need to know what to run and what to exclude really =]

Thanks for any help.
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PostSubject: Re: IS/FS battlemaster BG (with a tint of armory +waterreliance)   Sat Dec 06, 2008 4:57 pm

Why not just run a water generator? Also, my Mud deck's concept is so much better than this. :p
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IS/FS battlemaster BG (with a tint of armory +waterreliance)
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